X-ray diagnostics

Accurate and efficient diagnostics

X-ray diagnostics is the basis for an effective treatment – it allows you to diagnose the causes of ailments and take appropriate steps.

X-ray diagnostics in dentistry is a non-invasive imaging test which consists in taking digital diagnostic pictures of the patient’s mouth and craniofacial bone. It usually takes a few minutes, does not require special preparations and is completely painless. 

What are the benefits of an orthodontic treatment?

X-ray is an invaluable support in making a correct diagnosis.


The dentist receives a complete picture of the condition of the teeth, making it easier to find the cause of the problem


X-ray diagnostics is possible for almost everyone, sometimes pregnant women may be an exception.


X-ray examination is safe, non-invasive and easy to conduct. It only takes a few minutes.

High-class X-ray diagnostics

At the Center, we have a technologically advanced dental X-ray equipped with the latest-class CS 9300 volumetric tomography system with an additional cephalometric module.

Volumetric tomography, unlike pantomographic images, allows you to measure the existing structures in the vertical and horizontal dimensions as well as in the antero-posterior dimension. In addition, the irradiation dose is much lower than in traditional X-rays. Such equipment of the treatment room contributes to increased diagnostic precision, and thus even better treatment effects.

A RVG picture of the tooth

This is the most popular type of X-ray imaging in dentistry. We take them in order to be able to accurately see a given fragment of the dentition.

Cephalometric image

Lateral image of the skull is often used in diagnosis and treatment planning in the field of orthodontics.

Panoramic dental X-ray

Comprehensive intraoral image of the entire dentition. It allows you to assess the condition of the teeth and the correctness of their positioning in relation to each other.

Dental tomography

CT images are most often used in implantology, dental surgery and endodontics. They enable to evaluate the bone structures.

Our technicians

At the Center of Stomatologia Bez Bólu, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Price list

Intraoral photo, digital50 PLN
Panoramic photo, digital100 PLN
Cephalometric photo, digital100 PLN
Occlusion-wing photo50 PLN
Sinuses photo, digital100 PLN
Temporomandibular joints photo, digital100 PLN
3D imaging of the part of the jaw or mandible, 5x5150 PLN
3D imaging of the jaw or mandible quadrant, 8x8200 PLN
3D imaging of the entire jaw or mandible, 10x5250 PLN
3D imaging of the jaw and mandible, 10x10350 PLN

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