Price list

Please find the full price list of our services below.

The valuation and treatment plan are presented after the dental examination of the oral cavity. If you do not see the treatment you are looking for in the tables, write to us or call us and ask for the availability. We will be happy to provide you with additional information.


Ankylos Implantfrom 3,000 PLN
Prosthetic restoration of the implant:from 3,500 PLN
Implant treatmentpricing according to individual needs

Cosmetic dentistry

Prevdent whitening of both arches1200 zł
Teeth whitening – overlay method700 zł

Conservative dentistry

Implantology consultation150 PLN
Dental consultation150 PLN
Consultation, dental examination100 PLN
Time filling120 PLN
Composite filling250-690 PLN
Fuji filling220 PLN
Filling in a milk tooth200 PLN
FibreCore - a fiberglass reinforcement - pre-prosthetic400 PLN
FibreCore - a fiberglass reinforcement - tooth restoration500 PLN
FibreCore - a fiberglass reinforcement - an additional stud200 PLN
Composite splint on splint it - From canine to canine500 PLN
Tooth reconstruction on a composite splint700 PLN
Tooth sealing120 PLN
Extended sealing200 PLN
Endogenous whitening250 PLN
Direct facing - composite850 PLN
Local anaesthesia50 PLN
Dormicum premedication200 PLN
Post-warranty correction100 PLN
Corrective grinding90 PLN

Endodontic treatment (root canal)

Milk teeth by the formocresol method220 PLN
Endodontic microscopic treatment -
Incisor600 PLN
Premolar700 PLN
Molar1000 PLN
Closing the MTA perforation220 PLN
Removal of foreign bodies from the canal - tools, studs250 PLN
Tooth's wall reconstruction120 PLN
Endodontic treatment through a prosthetic crown - additionally250 PLN

Dental surgery

Tooth extraction-
simple220 PLN
with a root separation250 PLN
quavers (wisdom teeth)350 PLN
impacted tooth500 PLN
after another dentist500 PLN
surgical tooth extraction700 PLN
using the PiezoSurgery600 PLN
Hemisection400 PLN
Incision, drainage of the abscess200 PLN
Surgical stitching90 PLN
Gingivoplasty (gum surgery)-
the whole arch1,200 PLN
1 tooth150 PLN
Our alveolus hygiene50 PLN
Unfamiliar (not our) alveolus hygiene120 PLN
Undercutting the frenulum300 PLN
Root apical resection (apicoectomy)1,200 PLN
GBR - Guided bone regeneration1,800 - 2,400 PLN
Flap surgery - Open curettage1,500 PLN
Ankylos implant - surgical part3,000 PLN
Autogenous bone transplant3,000 PLN
Ankylos implant with bone transplant6,000 PLN
Implant exposure300 PLN
Sinus gout lift4,000 PLN
Gingival recession coverage with Mucoderm2,200 PLN
Ankylos SynCone (denture based on 4 implants in the mandible) including the cost of the dentures18,900 PLN
Ankylos SynCone (denture based on 6 implants in the jaw)49,000 PLN
Histopathological examination150 PLN
Cleavage of the appendix800 PLN
Cyst removal1000 PLN


Ceramic inlay, onlay, overlay1300 PLN
Composite inlay, onlay, overlay800 PLN
Porcelain crown on metal1000 PLN
Milled porcelain crown1800 PLN
All-ceramic crown1800 PLN
Zircon crown2500 PLN
Full-ceramic zircon crown - back1500 PLN
Zirconium crown, all-ceramic, facing - front (teeth 1-3)1600 PLN
Telescopic crown, zirconium - electroplating3500 PLN
Crown on the Ankylos implant (titanium abutment)2500 PLN
Crown on the Ankylos implant (zirconium abutment)3500 PLN
Makeshift crown150 PLN
A makeshift laboratory crown in the AET bridge500 PLN
Temporary composite facing700 PLN
Crown-root inlay450 PLN
Folded crown-root inlay600 PLN
Microprosthesis of two teeth600 PLN
Frame prosthesis / splint prosthesis2000 PLN
Denture, (tooth and) gum supported1300 PLN
Immediate denture1800 PLN
Lining of the denture300 PLN
Crown removal140 PLN
Diagnostic models60 PLN
Individual spoon100 PLN
Relaxation splint700 PLN
Whitening splint300 PLN


Orthodontic consultation100 PLN
Orthodontic consultation - SmileLine150 PLN
Removable two-jawed braces1,600 PLN
Taking impressions, models, photos and treatment planning150 PLN
Full diagnostics with a treatment plan (tele assessment, model analysis, aesthetic analysis)200 PLN
Fixed metal braces - SmileLine (1 arch)1,800 PLN
Fixed braces in the low friction system - DAMON (1 arch)3,500 PLN
Fixed braces activation with an arc replacement (1 arch)150 PLN
Aesthetic fixed braces - SmileLine (1 arch)3,500 PLN
Taking off the braces (1 arch)150 PLN
Fixed retainer300 PLN

Prevention and oral hygiene

Instructions for adultsfrom 80 PLN
Tartar removal (scaling)120 PLN
Sandblasting140 PLN
Dental SPA (scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation)from 360 PLN
Contact fluoridation on an individual spoon (2 arches)100 PLN
Overlay whitening600 PLN
Whitening with the Beyond lamp in the treatment room1,200 PLN

Pediatric dentistry

Fluoridation for children100 zł
Restoration of the shape, colour, and function of a milk toothod 200 zł
Devitalisation/Trepanation of a milk toothod 250 zł
Removal of a milk toothod 180 zł
Sealing 1 toothod 120 zł
Instructions for children + an adaptation visit100 zł

X-ray diagnostics

Intraoral photo, digital50 PLN
Panoramic photo, digital100 PLN
Cephalometric photo, digital100 PLN
Occlusion-wing photo50 PLN
Sinuses photo, digital100 PLN
Temporomandibular joints photo, digital100 PLN
3D imaging of the part of the jaw or mandible, 5x5150 PLN
3D imaging of the jaw or mandible quadrant, 8x8200 PLN
3D imaging of the entire jaw or mandible, 10x5250 PLN
3D imaging of the jaw and mandible, 10x10350 PLN