Conservative dentistry

Take care of the health of your teeth

Effectively prevent tooth decay or get rid of its effects with the help of a qualified dentist.

Conservative dentistry is the foundation of all of the dentist’s activities. Its mission is to heal a tooth which is affected by various disease processes, so that it remains in the mouth as long as possible. Conservative dentistry focuses primarily on the prevention and treatment of tooth decay – the most popular dental disease, ubiquitous all over the world.

Why is it important to prevent cavities?

Caries means not only an unsightly appearance of the teeth, but in extreme cases even the necessity to remove sick teeth.

No toothache

Toothache is the basic symptom of tooth decay. Effective prophylaxis allows you to protect yourself against it and prevents other complications: periodontitis, edema or fever.

Lower expenses

Caries prophylaxis is much cheaper than the treatment of sick teeth - especially if they require the help of an endodontist, surgeon or implantologist.

Aesthetic smile

The initial symptoms of tooth decay are enamel demineralisation, i.e. white spots on the teeth. However, without treatment, this disease can lead to the loss of dentition, destroying the aesthetics of the smile.

With us, you can defeat caries with ease

At SBB, we have helped hundreds of patients to prevent or heal caries.

Our dentist, on the basis of an oral cavity examination and dental interview, develops an individual treatment plan tailored to your health condition. Together we will take care of your healthy smile.


Regular oral cavity checkups (every 6 months for adults and every 3 months for children) are the easiest method of effective caries prevention. It allows you to quickly notice the first signs of dental caries, start tooth enamel treatment immediately and avoid more serious treatments.


Modern methods of treatment at the SBB Center allow to obtain excellent results in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. We perform enamel remineralisation treatments, fill cavities, and, if necessary, also root canal, orthodontic and surgical treatment.

Our dentists

At the Center of Stomatologia Bez Bólu, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Ewa Ziemba-Popławska

Dentist, implantologist


Sylwia Książek

Endodontist dentist


Magdalena Karasińska

Endodontist dentist


Anna Łosińska – Binek



Monika Sawicka



Natalia Szpunar



Price list

Implantology consultation150 PLN
Dental consultation150 PLN
Consultation, dental examination100 PLN
Time filling120 PLN
Composite filling250-690 PLN
Fuji filling220 PLN
Filling in a milk tooth200 PLN
FibreCore - a fiberglass reinforcement - pre-prosthetic400 PLN
FibreCore - a fiberglass reinforcement - tooth restoration500 PLN
FibreCore - a fiberglass reinforcement - an additional stud200 PLN
Composite splint on splint it - From canine to canine500 PLN
Tooth reconstruction on a composite splint700 PLN
Tooth sealing120 PLN
Extended sealing200 PLN
Endogenous whitening250 PLN
Direct facing - composite850 PLN
Local anaesthesia50 PLN
Dormicum premedication200 PLN
Post-warranty correction100 PLN
Corrective grinding90 PLN

Allow yourself to enjoy a healthy smile

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