First visit

Find out about the first visit to our dental center and how to prepare for it.

At the Stomatologia Bez Bólu Center, we always try to make the treatment as comfortable for the patient as possible. We prove that the dentist does not have to be associated with stress and pain. During the first visit, the dentist focuses on the diagnostics – he will do a dental checkup to check if and what treatments are needed. Documentation from previous dental treatment can also be very useful. If you have one, be sure to bring it with you. Before the first visit, we also ask our patients to fill in the health questionnaire, which is one of the elements necessary for a dentist to safely plan and conduct the treatment. You can download it below.

If it is a "last minute" visit to the dentist,

disposable toothbrushes with a portion of toothpaste are waiting at the reception desk, thanks to which you can easily prepare for the examination.

Documents to download

In accordance with the applicable provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data – all information contained in the questionnaire is subject to personal data protection. For us, your safety and comfort count.

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