Say goodbye to malocclusion and enjoy an even smile

Orthodontic treatment helps to correct the smile in people of all ages.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with the treatment of dental defects, malocclusions and defects of the maxillofacial bone bases. Its task is to detect, define the defect and plan the treatment and preventive actions. At SBB, we provide orthodontic treatment to both children and adults.

What are the benefits of an orthodontic treatment?

Occlusal alignment is not only aesthetic but also has health benefits.

The aesthetics of the smile and the appearance of the face

Straight teeth are the basis for a beautiful smile, but orthodontic treatment also protects against the deformation of the face's shape caused by abnormal jaw or tooth development.

Minimising the risk of dental diseases

Straight teeth are easier to clean thoroughly so that plaque does not build up in the recesses. This significantly reduces the risk of caries and periodontal diseases.

A greater comfort
and chewing quality

An even occlusion affects the proper functioning of the chewing mechanism, thus increasing the comfort of eating and preventing gastrointestinal diseases.

Orthodontics for the 21st century

In our facility, we use the latest technologies of malocclusion treatment, i.e. teeth straightening.

At the beginning, we diagnose each patient: during the first visit, a doctor conducts a consultation and examination of the oral cavity to check what orthodontic problem is present. A precise diagnostics involves taking digital and X-ray images as well as taking dental impressions or scanning the dentition in order to create virtual diagnostic models. On this basis, it is possible to assess whether the defect can be corrected, and if so – choose the appropriate treatment, i.e. the type of braces. Modern methods of bite correction give noticeable effects after only a few months.

At SBB, we provide treatment with transparent orthodontic appliances in the form of overlays and removable ones.

Invisible dental braces

Aligner braces are an innovative method of treating malocclusion by means of transparent, replaceable aligners adapted to the teeth of a particular patient. Compared to traditional orthodontic treatment, it ensures greater comfort of use, while providing excellent results.
During the first consultation you will find out which braces are best for you and see what your smile will look like after the treatment is over. Thanks to a 3D scanner and special software, we will conduct a virtual simulation of the entire treatment process and demonstrate the expected end result.
Each aligner is replaced every 2 weeks, moving the teeth millimeter by millimeter to the right places. The aligners will start to correct the occlusion from the very first day of wearing, so that you can enjoy a perfect smile even after just a few months!
Transparent aligners are virtually invisible, and the lack of metal elements and made to individual order makes them really comfortable to wear. Nobody knows about your treatment.
You can remove the aligners and put them back on yourself – you do not have to change your eating habits, and dental hygiene is as simple as before the treatment.

Removable braces for children and teenagers

The child's first checkup at the orthodontist should take place at the age of 5-6 or even earlier if the problem is visible. The dentist will check whether the bite is developing properly and, if necessary, suggest optimal treatment methods. Early diagnosis enables to prevent the formation of deep defects and start bite correction immediately, thus shortening the entire treatment process and preventing irreversible / serious changes. If the child comes to the office after the developmental peak, it may be too late for non-invasive treatment.
there are few treatment options, but at this stage it is worth paying attention to and observing:
  • crossbite, overbite;
  • habits (e.g. lip sucking), swallowing like an infant, breathing through the mouth.
we treat children with removable braces:
  • in the case of dental defects, cross occlusions, posterior occlusions, open occlusions they are likely to significantly improve the occlusion if the treatment is started at the right time;
  • you should watch for habits (e.g. lip sucking), swallowing like an infant, breathing through the mouth.

Our doctors

At the Center of Stomatologia Bez Bólu, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Magdalena Żywicka

Implant dentist – Leader


Price list

Orthodontic consultation100 PLN
Orthodontic consultation - SmileLine150 PLN
Removable two-jawed braces1,600 PLN
Taking impressions, models, photos and treatment planning150 PLN
Full diagnostics with a treatment plan (tele assessment, model analysis, aesthetic analysis)200 PLN
Fixed metal braces - SmileLine (1 arch)1,800 PLN
Fixed braces in the low friction system - DAMON (1 arch)3,500 PLN
Fixed braces activation with an arc replacement (1 arch)150 PLN
Aesthetic fixed braces - SmileLine (1 arch)3,500 PLN
Taking off the braces (1 arch)150 PLN
Fixed retainer300 PLN

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