Dental surgery

An opportunity to save teeth at the risk of removal

Treatments in the field of dental surgery are help for patients who require preparation for specialised treatment.

Dental surgery enables the preservation of teeth subject to various disease processes. Treatments such as root tip resections or cyst removal help to save teeth which would otherwise have to be removed. 

How is the surgical treatment performed?

In Stomatologia Bez Bólu, the preparation for the procedure is conducted in 3 steps.

A precise interview

The dentist will ask you detailed questions about your health condition, past diseases or treatment goals.

Examination of the oral cavity

A dental examination is aimed at getting to know the problem in more detail, and is also one of the pillars in developing a treatment plan.

Treatment plan

Based on the previous steps, the dentist will develop a detailed treatment plan, explain it to you and answer your questions.

Your health comes first

At the Stomatologia Bez Bólu Center, we combine the skills of specialised doctors with the capabilities of advanced digital diagnostics to provide you with the highest quality, safe surgical treatment.

Modern 3D imaging technology allows you to obtain a three-dimensional image of the bones of the maxilla, mandible and all teeth and maxillary sinus, and thus precisely plan the entire procedure. We also care for you throughout the healing period. You will receive detailed recommendations from the doctor, as well as an invitation to a follow-up appointment. We will fully take care of your health.
See what treatments do we conduct:

Implant placement

Tooth extraction

Extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth

Open or closed curettage

(manual removal of tartar from the gingival pockets)

Undercutting the frenulum

Root end resection (apicoectomy)

(removal of a fragment of the root of the tooth if it is not possible to clean it and fill it during endodontic treatment)

Our doctors

At the Center of Stomatologia Bez Bólu, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Magdalena Żywicka

Implant dentist – Leader


Ewa Ziemba-Popławska

Dentist, implantologist


Price list

Tooth extraction-
simple220 PLN
with a root separation250 PLN
quavers (wisdom teeth)350 PLN
impacted tooth500 PLN
after another dentist500 PLN
surgical tooth extraction700 PLN
using the PiezoSurgery600 PLN
Hemisection400 PLN
Incision, drainage of the abscess200 PLN
Surgical stitching90 PLN
Gingivoplasty (gum surgery)-
the whole arch1,200 PLN
1 tooth150 PLN
Our alveolus hygiene50 PLN
Unfamiliar (not our) alveolus hygiene120 PLN
Undercutting the frenulum300 PLN
Root apical resection (apicoectomy)1,200 PLN
GBR - Guided bone regeneration1,800 - 2,400 PLN
Flap surgery - Open curettage1,500 PLN
Ankylos implant - surgical part3,000 PLN
Autogenous bone transplant3,000 PLN
Ankylos implant with bone transplant6,000 PLN
Implant exposure300 PLN
Sinus gout lift4,000 PLN
Gingival recession coverage with Mucoderm2,200 PLN
Ankylos SynCone (denture based on 4 implants in the mandible) including the cost of the dentures18,900 PLN
Ankylos SynCone (denture based on 6 implants in the jaw)49,000 PLN
Histopathological examination150 PLN
Cleavage of the appendix800 PLN
Cyst removal1000 PLN

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