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How to prepare the child for the first visit at the dentist's?

Do you associate your child’s first visit to the dentist with crying and fear? But it does not have to be this way! It is enough to properly prepare the child for the appointment with the dentist, and the visit will not only be stress-free, but even pleasant for the toddler. How to take care of it? Here are a few tips!
2-3 years of age is the right time for a toddler’s first checkup. At this age, the child has a good understanding of the dentist and is able to cooperate with him. Before that, it is worth visiting the dentist around the age of 1 to find out how to proceed during the period of teething. Important! Do not delay your child’s first appointment with the dentist until problems with the teeth develop, as treatment may then become necessary right away. In such a situation, the toddler will not have a chance to undergo the proper introductory process, which will make the visit stressful. Properly early prophylaxis gives the child the opportunity to get used to the treatment room and dentist and build positive associations. As a result, the toddler will visit the dentist not only without fear, but even with a smile.
Often, parents are very nervous about their child’s first visit to the dentist, fearing the child’s reaction. It works like a self-fulfilling prophecy: when children feel their parents’ anxiety, they become anxious themselves. That is why it is best to be positive about the visit and prepare your child for it before going to the office.
In Stomatologii Bez Bólu, we suggest preparing a child for the treatment in two stages: first at home, and then in the dental center – in the form of an adaptation visit.
Organise a game of dentist in the child’s room, where the patients will be their favorite stuffed animals, and then the child itself. This is a good way to build positive associations. At home, the toddler feels comfortable and safe, so it is easy to relax and prepare for a visit to a real dentist – it can be treated as a continuation of the fun.
We always invite our little patients for an adaptation visit. It is an opportunity for them to get acquainted with the dentist and the environment in which he works: the treatment room, chair and equipment. There is no treatment during such a meeting, the dentist only talks about the teeth and their hygiene, and if the child is willing – plays with him with the dental tools. Thanks to the adaptive visit, the little ones can feel confident and safe. As a result, they come without fear for their first real appointment and are more willing to cooperate with the dentist.

Schedule your child for an adaptation visit