Our technologies,

which means the dentistry of the 21st century

At Stomatologii Bez Bólu, we combine qualifications, experience, empathy and the possibilities of the new technologies to ensure the best care for the patients. In their daily work, our dentists use top-class equipment solutions in each of the 6 dental treatment rooms.

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Leica M300 endodontic microscope

Today, a dental microscope is an indispensable tool of every dentist. We usually use it during endodontic (root canal) treatment, but also in complicated cases of conservative treatment. Very high magnification enables precise preparation and filling of root canals. For the full comfort of our patients, we have two microscopes, which significantly shortens the length of the visit in the treatment room, and also allows for the exact execution of the procedure.

Wave One- Dentsply Sirona, Protaper Gold Dentsply Sirona

During endodontic (root canal) treatment we use Wave One – Dentsply Sirona and Protaper Gold Dentsply Sirona for machine canal widening. When widening the canals, an endometer is used to help determine their length precisely.

3D SHAPE intraoral scanner

A high-class intraoral scanner is widely used in prosthetics, orthodontics and implantology.

Taking virtual impressions in this technology gives the patient a sense of comfort and shortens the time of visiting the dental treatment room. Taking impressions using an intraoral scanner is most often used in patients who suffer from masticatory apparatus disorders, which allows for a perfect prosthetic work, but also guarantees better planning of the implant treatment. Classic impressions taken with the use of an impression tray carry a high risk of an error. However, with modern impressions taken with a scanner, the risk of errors is almost eliminated.

Cone Beam Tomograph (CBCT) - CS 9300 System

which means the dentistry of the 21st century

This innovative X-ray machine enables a full dental diagnostics. Digital extraoral imaging technology is a comprehensive radiology system which allows you to take high-quality tomography, pantomographic, fragmentary images, temporomandibular (TMJ) images, as well as images of maxillary sinuses and cephalometric images. The CS 9300 System is currently Kodak’s state-of-the-art dental and ENT tomography system.

Kodak 6200 X-ray machine

Radiovisiography is a method of imaging what is going on inside our body. In dentistry, it mainly affects the teeth and the area surrounding the tooth. The method is based on the use of X-rays in combination with modern digital technology, which gives an instant image of what is invisible to the eye, inaccessible to the touch and inaudible to the ear. The Kodak 6200 is an x-ray machine which, thanks to its real resolution of 20 pl/mm, guarantees the highest image quality in the world – RVG pictures of single teeth.

Waterlase MD TURBO Dental Laser

The WATERLASE MD TURBO™ dental laser is a breakthrough device in dental laser optical technology. It makes it possible to perform almost all of the dental procedures on soft and hard tissues within the oral cavity more precisely and less invasively: preserving healthy tooth structures and the structural integrity of the tooth and without damaging the adjacent tissues. It is the only dental laser of its kind and of this class in the world. Thanks to the properties of the laser, many dental procedures can be performed painlessly – without the need for anesthetics or with local anesthesia being limited. This is especially important for people with diseases which limit or even make it impossible to administer anesthetics. The laser is also ideal for allergy sufferers, people who are afraid of injection anesthesia (approx. 70% of patients) and for children.

Raypex Endometer 5

The endometer is a microcomputer used to locate the apical opening of the tooth root, used in endodontics to precisely fill the root canals in the teeth. Thanks to the color visualisation and magnification of the last segment of the apex, Raypex 5 accurately defines the beginning of the physiological apex and shows the location of the anatomical apex. On the high-contrast display with adjustable angle of inclination, it illustrates the movement of the instrument in real time along the entire root canal, while offering precise measurement in any environment – without the need for recalibration.