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Stomatologia Bez Bólu - Your Safe Choice

Our main goal is to treat patients in a reliable, safe and painless way. The path to a beautiful and healthy smile does not have to be associated with discomfort – Stomatologia Bez Bólu is the best proof of this. Our chairs are used by adults, seniors and children, and we treat each person with care and in a manner tailored to their individual needs.

The SBB staff is the only team which uses the knowledge and experience of each of its members to together provide patients with comprehensive treatment at the highest possible level. The possibilities of modern the dentistry are almost unlimited, but only a well-chosen and professionally trained team is able to take full advantage of them. And such doctors are waiting for you in our facility.

Comprehensive care

in one place?

At Stomatologii Bez Bólu, you can conveniently make an appointment to many specialists:

dentist, pedodontic, surgeon, prosthodontist, implantologist or orthodontist. You will receive comprehensive assistance in one place – from doctors who constantly develop their competences at international conferences and use cutting-edge technologies.

We have modern laboratories and an X-ray laboratory

We have modern laboratories and an X-ray room with the possibility of taking instant digital point, three-dimensional and panoramic photos, the radiation dose of which is much lower compared to traditional X-ray. We use the latest available technologies to provide our patients with the highest quality of services.

At the Stomatologia Bez Bólu Center

Service Warranty

Adaptation to disabled persons

Prevention rooms for patients

The success of our Centre is thanks to its team

Our staff consists of people for whom dentistry goes far beyond the scope of ordinary work. Their passion and commitment manifests itself in everything they do: from the first contact with the patient at the reception, through continuous training and quality of treatment, to post-treatment care. This unique approach builds an extraordinary atmosphere of our facility and a sense of security for our patients who willingly entrust us with their oral health care. Each year our team of staff is constantly growing in order to be able to provide patients with the highest level of service. At the beginning of 2010, we commissioned the fifth treatment room equipped with the latest generation of the Japanese Morita unit. There is also a prosthetic laboratory at the facility, the presence of which will facilitate and significantly accelerate laboratory performance of the prosthetic works. We are constantly open to further development and continuous improvement of the dental care standards, which is why we have joined the Dentity Group. This is an opportunity for us to combine competences and disseminate good SBB practices on a nationwide scale.


The SBB was created thanks to bold decisions

Stomatologia Bez Bólu is an idea and an independent realisation of the dreams of dentist Magdalena Żywicka. In the pretime of the systemic changes in Poland, being a young and energetic dentist, she was the first one in Jelenia Góra to decide to abandon her practice in public health care facilities in 100% and focus entirely on her own patients in her private office. Of course, there were dentists before Magda who had private practices, but none of them dared to break all ties with public medicine. She gradually and consistently expanded and modernised her treatment room. She gained more and more new patients, at the same time constantly learning and deepening their doctor’s skills. In 1986, the room with one obsolete chair and a worn-out turbine was transformed into a modern, equipped with the latest technological achievements and employing many medical specialists, a Dental Facility.